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Working Group 6.2: Network and Internetwork Architectures
Aims and Scope



To identify and study advanced issues related to networking and internetworking design, with main emphasis on the provision of services at the network layer, on the integration of present and future technologies for physical and data link layers, and on techniques for providing network-wide internetwork services.


This WG provides a framework for the launching and the continued organization of activities in the area of Network and Internetwork architectures, namely:

  • Network Architectures: including architectures for the Future Internet, architectures of local area networks, wide area networks, access networks, mobile IP networks, internetworking.
  • Network Protocols: including transport and network layer protocols, and protocols for Internet evolution.
  • Network Control and Quality of Service: including traffic engineering and control, signalling, network quality of service.
  • Network Components Design: including switch and router design, techniques for the transport of packetized voice and video.
  • Overlay Services and Systems: including peer-to-Peer communication services and virtualisation.
  • Network resilience: robust and survivable networks.
  • Network measurements: traffic monitoring and analysis.
  • Network Science: including models, tools and techniques to design and analyze complex networks.
  • Energy-efficient network protocols and architectures: including network core nodes and cloud computing aspects.
  • Network protocols and transport protocols for Delay-tolerant networks and space internetworks.


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