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Technical Committees
IFIP TC 6: Communication Systems

Welcome to the IFIP TC6 homepage !

 The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is an organisation that links many of the national computer societies throughout the world.

IFIP includes more than a dozen Technical Committees (TCs), each of which covers particular aspects of computing and related disciplines. National computer societies that are members of IFIP may appoint one representative to each of the TCs but it is an individual society's decision whether or not to do so and to which TCs they will appoint a representative.

Each TC may have associated with it a number of Working Groups (WGs), which are concerned with more specific work within the scope of the TC. Membership of a WG is open to anyone who can make a positive contribution to the work of the WG. For example, there are no restrictions on membership based on country of origin. Each WG has, at least, an elected chair person and WG chairs are also members of the corresponding TC

Technical Committee 6 (TC6 - Communications Systems) is an important TC within IFIP in terms both of its activity and of the revenue it generates for IFIP from publications and conferences. Currently, TC6 has ten WGs, the majority of which are concerned either with specific aspects of communications systems themselves or with the application of communications systems, but one WG is concerned with communications in developing countries. TC6 meets twice a year, in Spring and Autumn (Fall), usually co-locating its meetings with a related conference.

The work of TC6 is largely concerned with managing and co-ordinating the WGs and with setting the strategies both for TC6 itself and for existing and future WGs. The WGs are largely concerned with organising their own events and with ensuring that they are at the forefront of developments in their field. Sometimes,TC6 itself may take responsibility for events, either if the event involves multiple WGs or if the event is a flagship event for TC6.

Given these activities, the ideal member of TC6 will have experience of organising events, particularly international ones, and will have expertise in one or more areas of relating to communications systems. While TC6's business is, increasingly, conducted by e-mail, by the website or by its internal wiki, there is no substitute for face-to-face discussion. TC6 expects its members to attend one meeting in three, at a minimum, and would obviously like members to attend as many meetings as possible.

For further information on TC6 Aims&Scope, Events, Working Groups, Officers, Members, etc. please click here or on the respective buttons above (point to "TC6" above in order to find further options).

All (registered) IFIP events are also listed on the IFIP event calendar.

For internal information for TC6 Members please refer to the TC6 WiKi

Please also refer to the new open IFIP Digital Library (still under construction).

TC6 members present at the TC6 meeting 2014-2 in Dagstuhl, Germany


TC6 members present at the TC6 meeting 2007-2 in Borovetz, Bulgaria


TC6 members may edit web pages - prior login required; for credentials pls. refer to the TC6 webmaster.
PS: This site was newly constructed recently based on IFIP TC6 input - status info


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