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Developing information and Helppages
How to change content

How to edit/create text content on web pages

  1. Login (click on "Not logged in" right in the topbar, use your credentials to login)
  2. Toggle edit mode (by clicking "Edit is [on|off]" button)
  3. Hover mouse pointer to the element you like to edit. If the backgroud changes the color, click to start editing.
  4. Edit (should be self explained)
  5. Click on "Normal view" to see editing results
  6. For format changes highlight text to be formated and unse formatting buttons provided
  7. For inserting/changing links or images, click on the respective editor buttons; wait for editing window to open, insert/change window content
  8. IMPORTANT: Finally, click on "save" to save your editing results (otherwise edit results will be lost..)

How to create/edit (new) events, members, etc.

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