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Working Group 6.1: Architectures and Protocols for Distributed Systems
Your Team
Picture of Ivan Lanese
Picture of Rui Oliveira
  • Prof. Dr. Rui Oliveira
  • Universidade do Minho / INESC TEC
  • post adress
Picture of Luis Veiga
Former Chair
Picture of Vinton Cerf
  • Dr. Vinton Cerf
  • Google Inc.
  • @ post adress telefone
Picture of Guy Leduc
Picture of Elie Najm
  • Prof. Dr. Elie Najm
  • Telecom ParisTech
  • Homepage @ post adress telefone
Picture of Harry Rudin
  • Dr. Harry Rudin
  • @ post adress telefone
Picture of Jean-Bernard Stefani
Former Vice-Chair
Picture of John Derrick
  • Prof. Dr. John Derrick
  • University of Sheffield
  • @ post adress telefone

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