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Working Group 6.7: Smart Networks
Aims and Scope

**** This WG is NOT ACTIVE anymore - since 2011 *****

(Historic) Aims

To identify and study current issues related to the state-of-the-art and the development of intelligent capabilities in networks. These issues include the distribution, the management, the control of every kind of algorithms inside the network. These intelligent capabilities lead to the concept of autonomic networking. Consequently to identify future trends of the network performance from industrial as well as the academic point of view.

(Historic) Scope

Smart Networks is concentrated on research on tools and services able to be placed on top of network algorithms in order to adapt them. The concept of smart networks was developed as a step to give the network a way to adapt itself to changes within the environment and following network conditions. New emerging research and technologies include autonomic networking, Intelligent Agents, knowledge plane, situated view, Configurable Architectures for Software and Hardware, Dependable Reconfigurable Networks, Mobility Management, QoS Management, Security Management, Flow Control, Mobility and Network Integration Issues.



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