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Working Group 6.9: Communications Systems for Developing Countries
Aims and Scope



To identify and study technical problems related to the access to, understanding of and application of network and telecommunications technology in developing countries or regions. To encourage cross-fertilisation of concepts and techniques among developing countries, and between developing countries and developed countries. To promote activities oriented to the diffusion of the methods and techniques for accessing computer networks in developing countries or regions.


The areas of study include models and methods for transfer of concepts and methods in communication systems and establishment of new applications in developing regions for existing technologies. The requirements of the users of those regions include cost-effective technologies for global access, rural access to services and social development in those regions through appropriate applications of communication systems. The problems of human resources, sharing of experience and cost of technology are particularly acute, and are to be examined in detail. Although not limited to, the following items are of particular significance in the scope of the Working Group:

  1. Satellite systems
  2. Applications for cellular technology
  3. Alternative network technologies
  4. Wireless communications
  5. Global access and interconnectivity technologies
  6. Technologies for distance learning, e-business, tele-meeting and any other reducing the distance effect between partners
  7. Internet services
  8. Mobile Web

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