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IFIP TC 6: Communication Systems
Why TC6?

The International Federation for Information Processing is a truly international organization that represents professional IT societies from 56 countries and regions, covering five continents with a total membership of over half a million persons. IFIP is recognized by United Nations and other world bodies. It has thirteen technical committees spanning areas of computer science, systems engineering and data processing; Technical Committee 6 is dedicated to communication systems.

The committee is comprised of work groups that organize and sponsor conferences and other scientific events. They address all aspects of communication systems, such as research and design, operations, system concepts and architectures.

TC6 has a proud history of over forty years of contributions to development of data communication systems and standards providing original contributions to the developments of the Open Systems Interconnect and the TCP/IP protocol suites. TC6 has continued to be at the forefront of communication systems research. It organizes annually top conferences in the field, such as Integrated Management, Networking and Wireless Days; it provides an inviting professional network of researchers and developers, and it has an open access library for its publications.

TC6 is organized by its members. It is a strong community in which you can make a difference and to see change happening; it is a community where it is worthwhile to invest your time and where it is valued. The work groups are long term units for organizing and curating events of TC6; the task forces are formed on demand to address opportunities by exploratory efforts.

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