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TC6 Members
WG Chairs
WG 6.1 Chair
Picture of Ivan Lanese
WG 6.1 Vice-Chair
Picture of Rui Oliveira
  • Prof. Dr. Rui Oliveira
  • Universidade do Minho / INESC TEC
  • post adress
Picture of Luis Veiga
WG 6.2 Chair
Picture of Leila Saidane
  • Prof. Dr. Leila Saidane
  • @ post adress
WG 6.2 Vice-Chair
Picture of Emmanuel Baccelli
WG 6.3 Chair
Picture of  Silvia Giordano Cremonese
  • Prof.Dr. Silvia Giordano Cremonese
  • Polo universitario
  • Homepage @ post adress
WG 6.3 Vice-Chair
Picture of Eitan Atman
  • Dr. Eitan Atman
  • INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
  • Homepage @ post adress
WG 6.6 Chair
Picture of Remi Badonnel
WG 6.8 Chair
Picture of Robert Bestak
WG 6.8 Vice-Chair
Picture of Zoubir Mammeri
WG 6.10 Chair
Picture of Tibor Cinkler
WG 6.10 Vice-Chair
Picture of Jacek Rak
  • Prof.Dr. Jacek Rak
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • Homepage @ post adress telefone
WG 6.11 Chair
Picture of Yogesh K. Dwivedi
WG 6.11 Vice-Chair
Picture of Matti Muentymaeki
Picture of Ilias Pappas
WG 6.12 Chair
Picture of Pierluigi Plebani
WG 6.12 Vice-Chair
Picture of Stefan Schulte

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